About the JBSS and Publication Process

The JBSS is an annual, printed journal that is published quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) and costs associated with producing the journal will be covered through annual library subscriptions.

All articles are professionally copy edited and type-set in a format looking similar in appearance to the one HERE.

Manuscript submissions are first reviewed by the JBSS editorial team. Some may be returned to the respective scholars with recommendations that a different publication would be more appropriate or the paper does not meet the general standards expected of published articles. Acceptable manuscripts that pass the initial screening will be routed for peer-review in order for the editor to obtain independent feedback from other scholars and to garner their input. The peer-reviewers will complete a rubric to help guide their assessment of the manuscript.

Manuscripts can be submitted to JBSS at any time throughout the year. However, special consideration will be given to papers that first had been presented at AABSS and that are submitted to the JBSS editor by March 1st each year. Assuming the scholar had completed the paper prior to its presentation at the annual conference, this time frame allows him/her to benefit from the feedback obtained as part of the AABSS presentation process. Authors may submit more than one paper to the JBSS in a given year, although only one of the papers will be published per volume (i.e., the other paper, if accepted for publication, will be deferred for publication until a subsequent JBSS volume).

The editorial team attempts to return feedback to authors within a six (6) week period of manuscript submission.