Archives of the AABSS Journal and AABSS Perspectives

From 1998 until 2013, the AABSS published two different periodicals. The first was titled, the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Journal (AABSSJ) and the second was titled, Perspectives.

The AABSSJ was always a peer-reviewed journal that began in 1998. It was printed until 2010, when the journal was published as an on-line [only, it was no longer printed] journal. AABSSJ ceased publication in 2013, although the on-line, open access articles from 2010 through 2013 are posted HERE.

The AABSS Perspectives was independent of the AABSSJ and it was comprised of non-peer reviewed papers. The publication served as an outlet for scholars desiring to efficiently make their scholarship available to others for discussion, engagement, and feedback. Although the phrase “non-peer-reviewed-conference-proceedings” was not used in naming the annual document, functionally it served somewhat in that capacity. The title AABSS Perspectives was utilized, an archive of these annual papers is located HERE, and the Perspectives periodical was discontinued in 2013.The current Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences (JBSS) is completely independent and not associated with either the former AABSSJ or Perspectives.